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The WiFi Italia campaign starts: "We connect squares, in villages as well as in the city"

Project promoted by the Mise to accelerate digitization in the Country.

Rome, November 16, 2021 - The communication campaign "Let's connect squares, in villages as well as in the city", promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, which aims to encourage the digitization of citizens through the WiFi Italia project, kicks off. 

Through a single App, citizens will be able to connect for free and in a simple way to a free and widespread Wi-Fi network throughout the country, which can count on 9,589 hotspots installed in the small villages and cities that have so far joined the initiative. In fact, 3,900 online memberships from Italian municipalities and hospitals to the WiFI Italia project and 463,693 users who have downloaded the App.

"The Ministry of Economic Development, with the Wifi Italia project, provides an important tool for municipalities - in cities as well as in small villages - to be part of a national WiFi network, free and free", declares Undersecretary Anna Ascani who adds: " This is one of the stages in the country's digitization process, which we are working on to reduce the digital divide and extend the connection of our communities. WiFi Italia offers citizens the opportunity to take advantage of a public and widespread WiFi network ".

The WiFi Italia campaign “Let's connect the squares, in the villages as well as in the city” is available in the press, radio, web and social media and focuses on the concept of free, free and widespread connection for all Italian squares.

With an iconic language, which plays on the union between Italian villages and cities, the campaign highlights the capillarity of the service and the possibility for citizens to connect to the Wifi.italia.it network in the most diverse contexts, enhancing the beauty of the extraordinary heritage cultural and naturalistic of the Italian territory, but also the importance of a transversal connectivity.

WiFi Italia is one of the projects financed by the Mise to accelerate the digitization process of the country, one of the main objectives pursued with the PNRR, and thus bridge the digital divide on the territory for citizens and business.

The variations of the campaign for social and visual channels in A4, JPEG and PDF format HERE



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