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City of Civita

We publish Alessandro Tocci’s intervention

Free hotspots have also been activated in this Municipality, which has joined the WiFi Italia Project.

“On the eastern foothills of the Pollino, stands the small village of Civita, immersed in a suggestive landscape, full of paths and clear waters, where there is the wonderful canyon that houses archaeological sites, where distant echoes of a varied culture can be heard , which has seen the succession over the centuries of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens and finally Albanians. Due to its location, Civita is a destination for many tourists; our administration works to enhance our history and our territory, also for this reason it participates, with the Wifi Italia project, in the digitization of the country.

Civita was built around the year 1000, by a group of Cassanesi who escaped the incursions of the Saracens. Called Castrum Sancti Salvatoris in the Middle Ages, in 1456 it was destroyed by a violent earthquake, the Albanians who escaped the Turkish yoke thought about it to give new life to the small center. Arriving between 1470 and 1492, the period in which there was the largest exodus from Albania, they settled mostly in the province of Cosenza, giving new life to history and culture. Civita has become a casket that has guarded for centuries, an ethnic group its riches: customs, traditions, cultural tradition, language, religion and folklore".