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Municipality of Testico

We publish the speech by Lucia Moscato, mayor of Testico, in Liguria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"We have decided to join the Wifi Italia project to be part of a free public network, to be offered to citizens and tourists who live and stay in this area.

It was necessary to make every possible effort to fill the gap in services related to connectivity present in the hinterland countries.

Work is also underway for the installation of the Ultra Wide Band (BUL).

In this way, citizens and tourists will have equal access to digital services and equal opportunities for work and study from home.

“Testico, aligned on the ridge of the mountains that separate the Lerrone and Merula valleys, is a small town in the Savona area, one of the most characteristic of Liguria.

A first settlement, mainly of a military nature, presumably took place with the construction of the 'Castrum Testagi' by the Romans. The Romans called the hill 'Testagus', which will later give the Borgo its name.

Due to its strategic position, it served as a bulwark against Punic invasions and, later, barbarians. After the evangelization by the Benedictine monks, the new village is called "San Pietro del Testico".

In the 12th and 13th centuries, it depends on the Castellania di Montarosio and, together with some "Castles" and villages in the Oneglia Valley, is subject to the civil and criminal jurisdiction of the Bishop of Albenga: it is an Ecclesiastical Feud.

During the Middle Ages, Testico was a defense and refuge for the people of the Valley, especially during the periodic raids of the Barbary Corsairs.

On 30 April 1576 the Duke Emanuele Filiberto Savoia (1528 - 1580) received the Port of Oneglia with its upper and lower valleys, castles, lands and villages, etc. etc.' by the Absolute Lord of the Principality of Oneglia Gian Gerolamo Doria (1523 - 1576) who nevertheless reserves the territory of Testico and Cesio as a 'personal fief'.

In 1738 King Carlo Emanuele III ° Savoia (1701 - 1773) also aggregated the fiefs of Cesio and Testico to the principality of Oneglia, which temporarily remained under the jurisdiction of the Marquis Doria di Ciriè.

And so San Pietro del Testico changed once again, "master" and, until the unification of Italy (1870), it will be the advanced point of the Kingdom of Savoy ”.