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Municipality of San Martino al Tagliamento

We publish the speech by Francesco Del Bianco, mayor of San Martino al Tagliamento, in Friuli -Venezia Giulia, where free hotspots have been activated and who joins the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italy Project.

“We joined the Wifi Italia project with conviction because we believe it is important to participate in the country's digitization process, in all its forms. It is also a way to enhance our typical products.

The municipality of San Martino al Tagliamento rises between the Rupa and dei Molini irrigation ditches and has a remarkable artistic heritage. In the village many finds from the Roman era have surfaced, even if the name suggests a Longobard-Carolingian settlement. The parish church has a Romanesque bell tower surmounted by a cusp and preserves 16th century paintings by Pordenone and Pomponio Amalteo. In Arzenutto, the church of Santi Filippo e Giacomo houses a wooden Madonna from the 15th century, paintings by Giampietro da San Vito (16th century) and a wooden triptych by Domenico da Tolmezzo”.