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Municipality of Vallepietra

We publish the speech by Flavio De Santis, mayor of Vallepietra, in Lazio, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

The history of our country has its roots up to the Middle Ages, as evidenced by the suggestive medieval village. Vallepietra rises in the center of the Apennines and from the top of its 824 meters of altitude it offers really beautiful perspectives: less than 100 meters from the bottom of the Simbrivio Valley, the village can see the Simbruini Mountains with mountains up to 2000 meters high as the mountains Tarino, Tarinello, Autore and Tagliata. The most important monument in Vallepietra is the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, a probable Neolithic rock settlement, a place of ancient popular worship, connected to the Benedictine settlements of Subiaco, still today a destination for pilgrimages of entire communities, often conducted on foot, as required by the Christian tradition, still followed today.

To offer citizens and visitors an extra service, our administration has adhered with conviction to the Wifi Italia project, created by Infratel, which creates a public and free national network ”.