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Municipality of Burgio

We publish the speech by Francesco Matinella, Mayor of Burgio, in Sicily, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"Burgio has an ancient history, the first official documents testify that in the fourteenth century AD. the inhabitants of nearby Scirtea joined those of Burgio. Already in 1282 A.D. Pietro I of Aragon, king of Sicily, invited some Mayors to the Sicilian Parliament and, among them, that of Burgio.

It is one of those places in Sicily where you do not find yourself by chance: you have to choose to go there.

And to choose it you have to know it: in recent years, tourists in Burgio have multiplied to appreciate the naturalistic itineraries, the restored museums, the churches and the convents returned to the public, the exhibitions on the art of ceramics and initiatives such as that to dedicate a neighborhood to the great Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri.

Being part of a public and free network contributes is an extra service for visitors and citizens, which is why we have joined with conviction the Wifi Italia project created by Infratel "