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Municipality of Tribiano

We publish the intervention of Roberto Gabriele, Mayor of Tribiano, in Lombardy, who joins the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italy Project.

"Tribiano, a historic town with a mainly agricultural economy, saw around the 1960s the installation on the territory of dozens of industries, which ensure the work of thousands of workers from neighboring municipalities. The landscape is typical of the Po Valley: beautiful and evocative with fields surrounded by canals, ditches and canals, suitable for irrigation, long avenues made ethereal by the rows of poplars, plane trees and willows that line the edges.

Even work in the fields has evolved compared to 40 years ago: in fact, purely manual work has been integrated with the aid of machines that have made it possible to reduce the labor employed, increase the quantity and quality of production.

The focus on innovation made us join the Wifi Italy Project, with the aim of providing citizens with the ability to be part of a free and free national network "