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Municipality of Casalduni

We publish the speech by Pasquale Iacovella, Mayor of Casalduni, in Campania, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"By joining the Piazza Wifi Italia project, our administration provided citizens with a free and free connection. The history of the town has its roots already at the time of the Normans in Italy, and was a sub-feud of Tommaso di Fenuccio. This fiefdom depended on the barony of Guglielmo di Rampano who owned Ponte, the nearest municipality. The first mention of Casalduni in an official document dates back to 1335, in a bull of Pope Clement V, in reference to the delimitation of the territory of Benevento (Castrum Casaldonis). The name reveals its nature as a farmhouse, that is to say "inhabited land without its own autonomy", belonging to churches and monasteries, without a court of enslaved colonists or perhaps to some of the conquering Lombards or Normans.

It was granted by the Angevins to the House of Sus, in particular to Ilaria di Sus, daughter of Americo and widow of Eustasio Sabrano, son of the Count of Ariano. Before 1415, in fact, Casalduni belonged to the Sabrano, counts of Ariano following Charles of Anjou.

Subsequently the Sabrano were stripped of their fiefs for having advised Giovanna II queen of Naples to side with Louis of Anjou against King Alfonso of Aragon and their possessions were given to Francesco Attandolo Sforza, captain of fortune.

The earthquake of 1688 also destroyed Casalduni and only the feudal castle and the churches of San Rocco and Santa Maria della Consolazione remained standing.

For the events of 1860 this land suffered a lot and, on August 14, 1861, it was sacked and set on fire.

With its 23 districts, it is one of the towns in the province with the largest rural extension. It is rich in vegetation, healthy air and natural beauties: near the place called "Terravecchia", in the middle of a luxuriant wooded area, flows the Alenta, a stream with clear and uncontaminated waters since, from its source to its mouth, it only crosses rural areas. At one point, characterized by uneven ground, the Alenta forms suggestive waterfalls which are a great tourist attraction. Thanks to its natural characteristics, Casalduni is the ideal town for those who love peace and tranquility ".