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Municipality of Sant’Angelo all’Esca

We publish the speech by Attilio Iannuzzo, Mayor of Sant’Angelo all’Esca, in Campania, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

We have adhered with conviction to the Wifi Italia project, which has brought the connection to the squares of our country, providing an extra service to citizens.

Sant’Angelo all'Esca rises on a gentle hilly slope. A propitiatory place, chosen - in ancient times - to build a temple to Ceres, the goddess of harvest. Dionysus also did his part, giving the territory a grape variety such as Aglianico, which here represents a native production of excellence. We are in a Dionysian land - in fact - furrowed by rivulets of ruby ​​red Chosen by the god to give life to the sanguine and full-bodied Aglianico which has the name Taurasi. And, to an ethereal Fiano, to a Greek noble, white DOGC from Irpinia. The estate - which was part of an ager qui fuerat Taurasinorum - was occupied by Roman colonists of the Cornelia tribe, and used as a grain store, in order to provide aid and food to the Romans of Aeclanum, a colony of Rome.

The name Esca could derive from iscla, a flat area rich in water, or from the Greek etymology, èoxàpai, the altar on which sacrificial victims were sacrificed. To seal the hypothesis that - here - Lollia, a priestess of Ceres, was buried. The origins of the town are - therefore - shrouded in legend, and there is no reference to certain sources. It is assumed the presence of Roman settlements, settled on the spot, precisely because of the congeniality of the land for the cultivation of vines and grapes. "