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Municipality of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

We publish the speech by Letizia Michelini, Mayor of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, in Umbria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"Our administration has adhered with conviction to the Piazza Wifi Italia project, also and above all by virtue of the thousand possibilities that the network offers to make the most of and make known" in real time "the beauties and history of our territory, located in the border between the Upper Tiber Valley and Valdichiana, rich in naturalistic and historical charm. 

The territory of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, covered by splendid and luxuriant woods, pine forests and wide pastures, is crossed by numerous marked trails that lend themselves to pleasant excursions on foot, on horseback and by mountain bike in every season of the year, dominating from the high the valleys below.
While walking, you can frequently meet fallow deer, roe deer, squirrels and admire the flight of kestrels and buzzards. The undergrowth is also very rich in herbaceous species and shrubs, where you can find numerous species of precious mushrooms, including the Porcino and the Black Truffle. The fortified village of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, a true architectural monument that controls the entire Upper Tiber Valley from an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, has very ancient origins and, as demonstrated by the nearby archaeological sites and finds of bronzes from Trestina and Fabbrecce , was certainly an Etruscan village located to the right of the Tiber, in an advanced position for trade with the neighboring Umbrians. The town currently maintains its medieval urban fabric intact, a testimony in stone of the ancient fief of the Marquises del Monte. 
These, descendants of those marquises called "di Colle" who came to Italy following the Franks, conquered much of the Upper Tiber Valley by building fortresses and castles in various strategic points, with skilful politics they obtained concessions and privileges from popes and emperors. to remain independent and firmly in power for long centuries, often holding important public offices in nearby cities and governing the territory of today's municipality until 1815."