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Municipality of Montepaone

We publish the speech by Mario Migliarese, Mayor of Montepaone, in Calabria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"It is the opinion of Calabrian historians that Montepaone was built on the ruins of the ancient Aurunco. It is not known with certainty what the date of foundation of Aurunco ​​is but some hypotheses are formulated that want Aurunco ​​founded by the population of the Aurunci from Lazio who arrived here and settled in the plain between Montepaone Lido and Pietragrande, next to the plain of Sajnaro or Sanguinario (bordering , to the south, with the Beltrame stream). Here, in a bloody battle, Hannibal and the Roman consuls Marco Claudio Marcello and Tito Quinzio Crispino faced each other during the second Punic war. News of Montepaone with its current name begins in 1094 when Count Roger the Norman ceded three villages to the Certosa di San Bruno: Arunco ​​- today's Montepaone, Montauro and Olibano - today's Gasperina. From this moment on you will always hear about Montepaone and no longer about Aurunco ​​or Monte Pavone.

Interesting to determine the veracity of Hannibal's story, could be the discovery, in October 1951 after a flood, in a chasm opened in the bed of the Grizzo river, a large clay amphora containing a human skull belonging to an important man killed. in battle and decorated with military honor. Historians of the period thought that the skull was that of the consul Marcellus. Of course, it is difficult to establish what the truth is in all respects; however, we know that the Roman soldiers called the river Grizzo Milites (soldiers) because many of their comrades had been killed here. In Montepaone Lido it is still preserved today, on the former S.S. 106, the part of a column that testifies to the battle that took place. In 1594 Montepaone underwent a raid by the Saracens of Sinan Bascià Cicala who, converted to Islam, put many towns on the Ionian coast to fire and sword. In 1799 there was the brief parenthesis of the Parthenopean Republic and Montepaone was declared a Municipality in the Canton of Catanzaro.

We joined the Piazza Wifi Italia project to offer new services to our citizens and update our administration thanks to the opportunities related to technology "