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Municipality of Procida

We publish the speech by Raimondo Ambrosino, Mayor of Procida, in Campania, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"Smaller of the islands in the Gulf of Naples, Procida is also the one less traditionally traveled by mass tourism. The recent proclamation as Italian Capital of Culture for 2022 has projected us onto a national and international stage, making us particularly proud to be able to share our identity, the beauty of our territory, our Mediterranean architecture, our centuries-old traditions, the suggestion of complex of Palazzo d'Avalos, first Renaissance palace, then prison until 1988.
Here, as recent archaeological finds on the islet of Vivara testify, they had already arrived - around the 16th-15th century BC. - the Mycenaean settlers, who probably chose Procida as the seat for the manufacture of metals. Our history is linked to the development of the navy: we have a Nautical Institute among the oldest in Italy and at the end of the 19th century the island's Navy was the fourth in the country for number of ships. Literature and cinema have often told the suggestion of our island: from the novel "Graziella" by the French writer Lamartine, inspired by his first youth trip to Italy, to "L'isola di Arturo" by Elsa Morante in 1957, winner of the Strega Prize, up to films like “Il Postino”, mostly set in Procida, the last work with Massimo Troisi.
Our challenge today is to look to the future by co-creating with our citizens, without naturally ever forgetting our roots and involving the new generations, who can focus on the potential of this territory to build solid entrepreneurial stories, in which tourism , technology and innovation manage to intertwine with each other.
And it is also for this reason that we have adhered with conviction to the "Infratel Piazza Wifi Italia" Project: in a world where, as the recent pandemic experience has shown, being "connected" is fundamental, even Procida - which has become a proud icon of children villages of minor Italy - it cannot help but think of fast connections for its citizens and for tourists, to speak from Procida to the world and so that the world, at the same time, speaks to our island."