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Municipality of Lanusei

We publish the speech by Davide Burchi, Mayor of Lanusei, in Sardinia, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Connectivity is a fundamental service for Lanusei, which is why we are working on two directions: ïl free wi-fi and fiber. As far as the Piazza Wifi Italia Project is concerned, we have seen that the system works, that it is fast and that many citizens are using it and are satisfied, so we asked Infratel Italia to have another 5 access points; so there will be sixteen hotspots for free wifi. It is an opportunity for citizens and tourists who will be able to fully enjoy our beauties. The city of Lanusei is the historic administrative center of Ogliastra; seat of hospital, court and other public services as well as the diocese of the same name. The ancient village lies on a hill like an amphitheater that dominates the valley as far as the Tyrrhenian Sea. Surrounded by luxuriant holm oak woods and generous springs that flow from the granite, it enjoys an enviable climate of freshness and wholesomeness. Its barycentric position allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Sardinian mountains but also to reach in a few kilometers one of the most pristine stretches of coast in the Mediterranean.

Above the inhabited center stands the imposing tall holm oak wood of the granite plateau of Monte Seléni at about 1,000 m asl, rich in archaeological remains and areas equipped for environmental use. In Lanusei there is one of the most important public astronomical observatories in Italy, the F. Caliumi Astronomical Observatory, located on Mount Armidda at about 1100 m s. L. m. The city is part of the National Association of Cherry Cities as it is one of the major producers of the delicious red fruit, while the main dish of the local cuisine is Culurgionis which recently received the Community recognition of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)”.