Repubblica Italiana

From the Territories 17 Jan 23

Municipality of Acquaformosa

We publish the speech by Gennaro Capparelli, mayor of Acquaformosa, in Calabria, where free hotspots have been activated and joins the Municipalities that have already joined the WiFi Italia Project.

“Tourism is a very important sector for every municipality, especially for those of modest size such as Acquaformosa which have all the characteristics and requisites to become small tourist attractions, it is of fundamental importance to be able to make all their beauties known to the outside world natural, landscape, its historical and artistic heritage in one with the many existing peculiarities and its being arberesh.

In this sense, it is necessary to focus on tourism promotion and dissemination activities through the use of all existing media dissemination tools. This is why we strongly adhere to projects such as Wifi Italia and have launched an app to get to know our territory better.

We are working to make the most of our heritage and reach all potential visitors who want to get to know this splendid village.

Only by working in this direction or by combining the recovery and enhancement interventions with a strong promotional campaign will it be possible to keep a community and its village alive while offering visitors the opportunity to discover ancient traditions and healthy living in the internal areas, forgetting the smog and the noises of the cities”.