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From the Territories 30 Aug 22

Municipality Sesta Godano

We publish the speech by Marco Traversone, mayor of Sesta Godano, in Liguria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Sesta Godano is located on the north eastern border of the Province on the right of the Vara River. Its territory for the most part consists of mountainous and foothill areas intersected by valleys that flow into the main valley, the Val di Vara. Until the 19th century, the municipality had its headquarters in Godano, where the Malaspina castle once stood. With the new viability of the valley floor, the old municipal center sees a progressive decline, in favor of the more central plain of Sesta. In 1863, given an ever-increasing development of Sesta, the municipal administration asked the provincial council to move the municipal offices from Godano to Sesta and change its name. On 26 October 1875, by decree of King Vittorio Emanuele, the municipality of Godano was authorized to change its name to Sesta Godano and to transfer its headquarters.


The parish church of Sesta Godano is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, rebuilt on the remains of the ancient parish church of Robiano; the church was completely restored in 1718 while the bell tower was finished in 1824. The marble altar dates back to 1848, inside there are valuable statutory works, an agate organ from 1872 and frescoes made in the second half of the nineteenth century. The bridge that connects the Church to the town of Sesta Godano is a medieval bridge with 3 arches completely made of stone. The historic center of Sesta Godano has a linear layout, parallel to the ancient road axis. The cycle / pedestrian path that goes from the municipal square to the ancient bridge is worth a visit, crossing the old alleys between hanging farmyards and vaulted spaces and from there it leads to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.


Around the municipal center there are the villages of the hamlets, small jewels of rural architecture, set in the green, where the hand of man acts today as yesterday in full respect of the natural context. Mount Gottero stands out among the surrounding peaks, an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, recently the subject of an important enhancement project.

Participation in the free public network created by Infratel Italia testifies to our commitment to provide increasingly efficient services to citizens and tourists who come to know the beauties of our territory "