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From the Territories 31 May 22

Municipality of Rassa

We publish the speech by Michele Barbaglia, Mayor of Rassa, in Piedmont, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

"Rassa is a small village in the upper Valsesia, in the Vercelli area, located in a secondary valley, at the confluence of the Sorba and Gronda streams. In 1300 it was the scene of the preaching of the heretic Fra Dolcino, millennialist and anti-papist, whose followers were massacred and persecuted. After the religious turmoil, it returned to being a land of breeders and carpenters, as the vestiges of the old sawmill become the town's ecomuseum or the numerous mountain huts in the Sorba valley tell.

Today there are only 67 inhabitants (25 full-time residents), but it still remains a fiercely Italian comune. The stone houses, with gneiss roofs and wooden balconies, connected by two Romanesque granite bridges, offer a glimpse worthy of a visit to the valley. Our history and our territory must be preserved and valued, also for this reason we have decided to join the Wifi Italia project, which allows us to be part of a public and free national network and to offer connection to citizens and tourists ".