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From the Territories 12 Apr 22

Municipality of Rofrano

We publish the speech by Nicola Cammarano, Mayor of Rofrano, in Campania, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

The municipality of Rofrano is located in the southern area of ​​Cilento and falls within the territory of the national park. The origin of today's town of Rofrano can probably be placed around the year one thousand.
The original urban core was built close to a religious settlement consisting of the basilica and the convent which housed a community of Basilian monks. This monastic order was already established in the middle of the first millennium, in many locations in central and southern Italy, giving rise to numerous urban agglomerations.
The town, which arose around the religious settlement, developed at the foot of a hill sloping down towards the bed of the Mingardo river.
Later it was surrounded by walls with 3 doors: Porta S. Antuono to the east, Porta Vallone to the south and Porta del Leccio to the west. Porta S. Antuono (the only one left) is equipped with a cylindrical guard tower; on the arch of the door there is an epigraph in which the officers and servants who left Rofrano for the second crusade are remembered, offered as a tribute by the community to Roger II who granted the fief of Rofrano to the community of Basilian monks in 1131. The current historic center of Rofrano, still today, preserves the original urban layout of the network of streets and stairways that create a complex system of connections that distribute the buildings at various levels.
Our history is one of the most important resources, but the administration is attentive to news and to the present, which is why we have decided to be part of the public national network Wifi Italia. "