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From the Territories 11 Jan 22

Municipality of Sepino

We publish the speech by Paolo Pasquale D'Anello, Mayor of Sepino, in Molise, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project..

"On a hill, at 702 meters above sea level, in the last north-eastern offshoots of the Matese massif, surrounded by green woods, lies the renowned center of Sepino. Lying on the slopes of the Matese mountains, it sees centuries of history enclosed in its name. Sepino Altilia, a perfect synthesis of history and nature in which to breathe the air of an ancient Roman city, is an archaeological park open to the public where you can also admire medieval houses still in use. Known by the name of Altilia, Saepinum stands on the Pescasseroli-Candela sheep track, crossed by transhumant flocks in their seasonal movements.

Already in the Samnite era, the place was a meeting point and exchange of agricultural products with pastoral ones on the occasion of the seasonal migrations of flocks, the area is rich in mineral water known for millennia for its healing properties. The modern village has about 2,000 inhabitants and stands on the ruins of an ancient medieval castle: the ancient village is characterized by narrow, well-kept alleys and the visitor who arrives is enchanted by the shadows of the roofs on the cobbled streets, by the red-pink of geraniums. dangling from the balconies and is intoxicated by the smell of the wall attached to the walls. It is the quiet of an ancient world, evocative of undoubted charm.

The town, embellished by an elegant square, where the Wifi Italia hotspots are now installed, is surrounded by an enchanting landscape full of woods."