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From the Territories 21 Sep 21

Municipality of Sillano Giuncugnano

We publish the speech by Marco Reali, Mayor of Sillano Giuncugnano, in Tuscany, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Our administration has adhered with conviction to the Piazza Wifi Italia Project.

Sillano was founded in 102 a. C. when the dictator Cornelio Silla passed through the places and the population who lived there, taking possession of the houses left by the passage of the Romans, stabilized creating the first community of Sillano. During the Middle Ages it came under the influence of Lucca. Following the wars between Lucca, Florence and Pisa that fought over the Garfagnana territory, the inhabitants of the village asked the Marquis of Ferrara for protection, thus entering the Este dominions from 1446, remaining subjects of the Duchy of Modena until the unification of Italy. Giuncugnano, on the other hand, due to its characteristic of being isolated from the main communication routes of the time, was also isolated from the struggles for domination of the Garfagnana. It found itself at the center of a long dispute between the Republic of Lucca, that of Florence and the Duchy of Modena until the fifteenth century. The Este family imposed their jurisdiction on the village of Giuncugnano until the French invasion in the nineteenth and subsequently took it back from 1815 to 1861 when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

The Municipality of Sillano Giuncugnano was established on 1 January 2015 by merging the municipalities Sillano and Giuncugnano after the regional consultative referendum held in 2014.