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From the Territories 02 Feb 21

Municipality of Stefanoconi

We publish the speech by Salvatore Eugenio Solano, Mayor of Stefanaconi, in Calabria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Agricultural center of Monte Poro located at the foot of the escarpment with which the Colle di Vibo Valentia slopes down towards the Mesima valley. The territory borders with the municipalities of Francica, Gerocarne, Sant'Onofrio, Soriano Calabro, Vibo Valentia. It was a farmhouse in the County of Armena and belonged to the Caracciolo di Girifalco family. In the area, remains of a Neolithic settlement have been found. The Parish Church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1783, to see the monument to the fallen of the First World War, the work of Jerace (1924).

Among the most widespread traditional economic activities are those related to the world of tailoring and carpentry, while the trade is mainly based on agri-food products. In the Vibo Valentia area it is famous for its delicious bread which is the product of excellence, protected since 2018 by the Deco brand.

The opportunity provided by Infratel and the Ministry of Economic Development, Piazza Wifi Italia, offers our center the opportunity to be part of a public and free connection network, today a very precious reality.