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From the Territories 26 Jan 21

Municipality of San Giorgio Albanese

We publish the speech by Gianni Gabriele, Mayor of San Giorgio Albanese, in Calabria, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italy Project.

"The town is located on the hills that anticipate the Sila plateau and that surround the Sibari plain. The main village develops around the Town Hall building and enjoys one of the most evocative views of northern Calabria: on one side the peaks of the Pollino mountain range, on the other the Ionian sea with its boundless beaches and then around the hills of red earth with vineyards and olive groves that are lost visibly. The historic center retains a characteristic architecture of the streets with houses built around a square, the so-called sheshi. Some houses show the elements of arbëreshe architecture, with the imposing cornices of the doors of the noble palaces and the typical circular windows of the attic. There are also evident traces of a peasant culture that once expressed itself in strong family relationships: in the grounds where the animals were once kept, the typical opening holes used when they were taken to pasture can still be seen today.

In the alleys of the small village of Arbëreshe you can breathe a convivial atmosphere. The gjitonia (literally “the neighborhood”) is a compiled intertwining of urban planning and social life together, where moments of socialization and transmission of knowledge and skills alternate. The neighbors sitting on the steps of the stairs, te sjeti, share long moments of social life dedicated to the exchange of chatter and the creation of precious local handicrafts. We talk about everything, tell anecdotes, stories from the past, learn the first notions of crochet or tatting, weave baskets or baskets and maybe prepare preserves for the winter.

Just as the memory of the past is fundamental, it is important to be able to seize important opportunities such as digitization, which is why we have joined a strategic project of the Ministry of Economic Development such as Piazza WiFI. "