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From the Territories 29 Dec 20

Municipality of Sant’Alessio in Aspromonte

Stefano Ioli Calabrò represents S. Alessio in Aspromonte where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Sant’Alessio is the gateway to the Aspromonte National Park, as well as the heart of the entire Gallico Valley. The town, at 579 meters above sea level, enjoys a unique location that combines the suggestions of the mountain with those of the sea. Thanks to the panoramic views of the Strait of Messina and the architectural beauties, such as Palazzo Silvestri and the Church of the Annunziata, the town is the destination of many tourists who, in summer, choose the village, which is less steep than the other villages that surround it, because it is an ideal place for long walks or bike rides.

Joining the Mise and Infratel "Piazza WiFi Italia" project has enabled the administration to enrich the community of santalessoti with new opportunities. An important opportunity to develop the economy based not only on tourism but also on agriculture, with the production of olive oil, vegetables and dairy products appreciated throughout the region. The original toponym of this center is Alessio, a name which in the 17th century will change to Sant’Alessio. Feud of the barony of Calanna it became an independent municipality with the laws of Giuseppe Napoleone and Gioacchino Murat in 1806. In 1783 it was devastated by the first of the great earthquakes that hit the Reggio province in the contemporary age. In the civil history of Sant’Alessio there is no lack of participation in the Risorgimento uprisings, even the Garibaldi epic saw the patriots of Sant’Alessio committed to following the Camicie Rosse to Naples.