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From the Territories 07 Dec 20

Municipality of Acquaro

We publish the speech by Giuseppe Barilaro, Mayor of Acquaro, in Calabria, where free hotspots have been activated and which i,s in addition to the municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

 “Acquaro traces its origin to the Normans, until 1678 it was under the domain of the Concubets, then it passed to the Acquaviva d'Aragona and subsequently to the Caracciolo di Gioiosa Ionica. It became a municipality in 1811, it was aggregated to Dasà in 1928 and the following year recognized as an autonomous municipality. Antico Casale di Arena, had considerable importance until the earthquake of 1783, which almost completely razed it to the ground.

The town, crossed by the Amello river, is located at 262 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Tyrrhenian side of the Serre and extends into the valley of the same river and is between the Mesima and Montepotamo.

Its most consistent economy is given by olive oil as well as cereals and wine grapes. Acquaro is a land rich in oligo-mineral water springs.

Also to enhance our territory we have chosen to be part of the free and free WiFI network, created by Infratel Italia on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development "