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From the Territories 22 Sep 20

Municipality of Campoli Appennino

The speech that follows is by Pancrazia Di Benedetto, mayor of Campoli Appennino, in Lazio, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project  

"Campoli is a village in the extreme Ciociaria, located close to the central-southern Apennine chain, on the Lazio side of the Abruzzo National Park, overlooking the Lacerno Valley. Campoli Appennino is unique for its location, rising on the edge of a characteristic and suggestive karst dolina, called the "Tomolo", at an altitude of 650 meters. Although we cannot have precise information about its foundation, its medieval origin is clear, traces of which can be seen in the majestic tower, in the remains of the city walls, in some watchtowers and in the characteristic spaces or squares of the historic center. The historian Tauleri from Athens traces the birth of Campoli back to 293 BC. the consuls Lucio Papirio Cursore the younger (son of the hero of the second Samnite war) and Spurius Carvilio Massimo destroyed Atina, Cominium and Aquilonia with their powerful armies.


The visitor can choose from many possibilities to get to know our territory: the bear wildlife area, the medieval tower of Campoli, but also the churches of S. Andrea and S. Pancrazio offer many opportunities to get closer to the beauty of our landscapes. The possibility that was proposed to us by Infratel Italia, that is to be part of the Ministry of Economic Development project "Piazza WiFi Italia", is one of the tools to provide citizens and tourists with a fundamental opportunity to make the most of the services developed. of the municipal administration "