How the App works

The App WiFi°Italia°it represents the core of the whole project. It can be installed on your mobile device and once the registration has been completed, it manages the connection to any WiFi network close to the device.

Once the App has been downloaded you need to identify yourself only the first time, inserting some basic biographical data.

The citizens or any tourist will be enabled to surf the web all over any federated network distributed around all Italian territory, which will be located with particular attention to Tourism and Culture points of interests. Network access will be totally automated and transparent for the tourist or the citizen.

This approach guarantees easiness for the final user that will use a unique automatic access and identification system. Furthermore, this system gives advantages also to federated network managers, which will easily provide access to new users without asking for new registrations.

The App will also allow to use centralized or local services such as general informations, ticket buying services, media, and so on.

The project has been developed and managed by Infratel Itala S.p.A.,which will be in charge also for any future evolution.