The WiFi°Italia°it project


The WiFi°Italia°It project aims at allowing citizens and tourists, both Italian and foreign, to connect in an easy way to a free of charge and widespread WiFi network throughout the Country.

This is possible through the use of an APP for mobile devices that allows each user to access transparently and promptly to the federated WiFi networks and to enjoy connectivity as well as the contents and services of the Tourism ecosystem that will be made available.

To do this, along with Mibact and Agid, MiSE started a process that will allow to:

  • Join all public and private networks to have a unique and simple Wi-Fi access system available to citizens and tourists
  • Grow the Wi-Fi access network, particularly in the areas of tourism and culture.
  • Take advantage of the access to the network to enrich the tourism ecosystem (statistical data analysis, appropriately anonymous, to study user behaviors and preferences and consequently improve services)

The MoU

The Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Culture and the Agency for Digital Italy signed a Memorandum of Understanding “for the deployment of intelligent platforms for tourists on Italian territory. The so called “WiFi°Italia°It project.
The MoU promotes, activates and develops innovation processes aimed at creating a digital ecosystem of tourism capable of facilitating the access of citizens and tourists to the artistic, natural and cultural heritage distributed throughout the national territory. On the other hand, the protocol will create a fertile environment for the private sector in which to develop value-added applications and services.

Next Steps

The future APP releases will give the possibility to register using SPID and to access also through laptops or pads. Furthermore, we want this App to become an easy platform able to give all citizens and tourists both connectivity and value added services.

How the App works

The App WiFi°Italia°it represents the core of the whole project. It can be installed on your mobile device and once the registration has been completed, it manages the connection to any WiFi network close to the device.

Once the App has been downloaded you need to identify yourself only the first time, inserting some basic biographical data.

The citizens or any tourist will be enabled to surf the web all over any federated network distributed around all Italian territory, which will be located with particular attention to Tourism and Culture points of interests. Network access will be totally automated and transparent for the tourist or the citizen.

This approach guarantees easiness for the final user that will use a unique automatic access and identification system. Furthermore, this system gives advantages also to federated network managers, which will easily provide access to new users without asking for new registrations.

The App will also allow to use centralized or local services such as general informations, ticket buying services, media, and so on.

The project has been developed and managed by Infratel Itala S.p.A.,which will be in charge also for any future evolution.

WiFi Networks

Search in the map reported below the closest WiFi network closest to you:

Anyone can contribute to the growth of this project and expand the integrated network coverage. Thanks to the end users feedbacks towards the public institutions present at local level, we can work together to cover all the Country.

If you do not find any network near you, you can invite your local administration to join the WiFi°Italia°It project. Thus download the App, search for an hot spot federated to the WiFi°Italia°It network, establish the link and help us grow the project with your comments and suggestions.

Get the App

The App WiFi°Italia°it represents the core of the whole project. It can be installed on your device and once the registration has been completed, it manages authentication and connection for any WiFi networks on which the device is under coverage.

Once the App has been downloaded  you need to identify yourself for the very first time, inserting some basic biographical data

Moreover, through the App it will be possible also to enjoy services which can be found within the same App, such as informations, online tickets, online contents and so on.